Installing a Specific Version of R on Ubuntu

I just blindly accepted to install all updates on my Ubuntu machine, and one of those updates was to R version 3.1.3, which doesn't have all of the packages I want to use ported to it yet. So I had to roll back my installation of R. Here is how you do that...


Uninstall R


Find the Version Name

The tricky part is defining the version of the package you want. The syntax isn't straight forward, so here is how to find out which versions are available.

The first one listed is the offending version for me, 3.1.3. So I wanted to go back to 3.1.2. Here is how you adjust to the install process to do that:  r-base-core=<version>


Install R


Run R

Prove that it install version 3.1.2 by typing R at the command line.

screenshot of R3-1-2

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