Shiny Application Gallery

Web Dashboards with R

ICMA Hackstock

Winning submission for the ICMA hackathon, September 2014.
App is not currently live.

Wired Hack App

Winning submission for the Wired Hack hackathon, June 2014

Sensitivity Analysis

What-if analysis for a consulting project, Spring 2013

HackathonCLT 2015

HackathonCLT 2015

Analytic App for Harris Teeter to implement our hackathon idea

Word Cloud Generator

Creates wordclouds from pre-loaded speeches and allows the user to upload their own.

Word Cloud – Mandela

A word cloud generator created in honor of Nelson Mandela

Housing Distance

A simple proof of concept app to demo entering two addresses and using the bing maps api to return the address it resolved to, the driving time and distance.

Charlotte R Users Group User Survey

A little buggy at the moment